Who We Are

WiSys' staff is comprised of business professionals with diverse areas of expertise in academic technology transfer, Intellectual Property protection, contract management and technology commercialization.

WiSys Staff

Sanga - WiSys Staff

Arjun Sanga


Cook-Jennifer - WiSys Staff

Jennifer Souter

Associate Director

Adhira Sunkara

Manager of Innovative Ventures

French Ray 403

Ray French

Regional Associate

Hanson-Tony - WiSys Staff

Tony Hanson

Regional and Licensing Associate

Walsh Wi Sys Staff

Brian Walsh

Regional Associate

Lundin Deborah 319

Deborah Lundin

Pre-Award Manager, Sponsored Programs

Miner Jeremy

Jeremy Miner

Regional Research Administrator

Cenci - WiSys Staff

Mike Cenci

Intellectual Property & Contracts Associate

Sauer Craig 156

Craig Sauer

Marketing and Communications Associate

Schiff - WiSys Staff

Alicia Schiff

Executive Assistant & Program Coordinator

Kunkel Sara 241

Sara Kunkel

Administrative Assistant

Maicen Stuart

Maicen Stuart

Office Intern

Student Ambassadors

Sophie Ackerman River Falls 2019

Sophie Ackerman

UW-River Falls

Brandon Behringer Parkside 2019

Brandon Behringer


Hailey Berg Eau Claire 2019

Hailey Berg

UW-Eau Claire

Angelica Champan Sykes Whitewater 2019

Angelica Chapman-Sykes


Maitzeng Chang Oshkosh 2019

Maitzeng Chang


Taylor Frodel Whitewater 2019

Taylor Frodel


Rylie Gramann

UW-La Crosse

Akanksha Gurtu Green Bay 2019 Ambassador

Akanksha Gurtu

UW-Green Bay

Sierra Kleist Eau Claire 2019

Sierra Kleist

UW-Eau Claire

Hunter Koltunski

UW-Eau Claire

Corey Lee Green Bay 2019

Corey Lee

UW-Green Bay

Colton Lysaker Platteville 2019 Ambassador

Colton Lysaker


Brenna Prieto Oshkosh 2019

Brenna Prieto

UW Oshkosh

Justin Ratkovec La Crosse 2019 Ambassador

Justin Ratkovec

UW-La Crosse

Kaityln Timmins Platteville 2019

Kaitlyn Timmins


Board of Trustees