Spark Grant

The Spark Grant Program encourages faculty to carry out small-scale, proof-of-concept research projects

The WiSys Spark Grant Program has been designed to help faculty advance their knowledge and technology to commercialization. The Fund provides awards of $500-$10,000* per project to faculty, academic staff, or students towards implementation and completion of short-term projects.

WiSys Spark Grants are intended to support research projects where preliminary findings exist, and is designed to demonstrate the commercial potential of a new concept, technology or invention and to highlight the need for and type of additional development support that would be required to take the technology closer to the market place. Preference will be given to projects where applicants have demonstrated some progress beyond the initial discovery, idea or concept. See the scoring rubric here.

WiSys has partnered with the UW System comprehensive campuses to offer this program. Please contact [email protected] for more information.

*Funding limits vary campus to campus. Please contact WiSys to learn more about your campus' program.

Fall/Winter (18/19) Call for Proposals - Participating Campuses

  • UW-Green Bay - Deadline for applications, February 6, 2019
         - Campus lead - Matt Dornbush, Associate Vice Chancellor and Director of Graduate Studies
  • UW-La Crosse - Deadline for applications, November 28, 2018
         - Campus lead - Mark Sandheinrich, Dean, College of Science and Health
         - Note: only open to College of Science and Health faculty
  • UW-Platteville - Deadline for applications, November 28, 2018
         - Campus lead - Will Hoyer, Interim Director, ORSP
  • UW-Stout - Deadline for applications, November 28, 2018
         - Campus lead - Elizabeth Buchanan, Acting Director, ORSP

Don't see your campus? Contact WiSys at [email protected] to see which campuses are participating in future calls.