NovaScan LLC is pioneering the use of the Cole relaxation frequency (the speed at which cells release a charge) as a method of cancer detection. In clinical trials involving more than 350 patients, NovaScan’s founders discovered that this frequency is several orders of magnitude larger for cancerous than non-cancerous cells, translating to nearly perfect sensitivity and specificity. NovaScan’s technology is not size constrained, nor is it expensive, and provides instantaneous results. The company’s first product is directed towards making Mohs surgery dramatically faster and more efficient.

Vibetech, Inc. Previously, there existed no comprehensive solution to the universal problem of disuse atrophy and functional decline attributable to aging, disability, illness, inactivity, injury, and surgery. Now, a NASA Spinoff company, VibeTech, Inc., has discovered and developed a novel solution to this problem that significantly affects the health and quality of life over 18 million Americans and costs over $23 billion in direct healthcare expenses annually. VibeTech’s premier product, The VIBETECH ONE™, is not like anything else out there. It is the world’s first and only pressure-activated strength training and vibration therapy system. It is the most accessible and comprehensive rehabilitation product on the market for the most expensive and difficult to treat patients -- those with the greatest deficit in weight bearing physical activity. VibeTech’s new treatment modality offers a supplement to weight bearing physical activity in even the most debilitated patients, and it has no contraindications so it can be used by everyone. The FDA Class I exempt VIBETECH ONE™ is patented, clinically-tested, Medicare reimbursable, NIH-funded, backed by the University of Wisconsin System, supported by the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation, and originated with funding and specifications from NASA.

Microionic Systems. Annamalai Karthikeyan, founded Microionic Systems to develop and commercialize the fast, economical synthesis of high quality activated carbon from recycled raw materials. This technology could have applications in mercury removal, catalysis, medical purification and electrochemical cells. Thanks to its cost-effective approach in a growing market, Microionic Systems is poised for success.