Working with WiSys

WiSys strives to make licensing convenient and straightforward. As a potential WiSys licensee, you will be working with an experienced licensing team from day 1 that will custom tailor an agreement to meet the specific needs of your company and your business goals.

What we look for in a licensee:

  • A partner that sees the commercial benefit and potential of a WiSys technology and has the vision and resources to take it to market.
  • A partner that has the capability to develop early-stage technology (typical of university research) and is willing to make a reasonable effort to commercialize it.
  • A partner willing to demonstrate serious intent by paying a reasonable licensing fee and reimbursing certain patent costs associated with the technology.
  • A partner willing to share some of the benefits of the commercial use of the technology with WiSys and the Universities of Wisconsin through payment of a reasonable royalty on future product sales.