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Adhira Sunkara

Adhira Sunkara

WiSys Staff | Director of Strategy and Innovative Ventures

Adhira helps oversee the startup and venture activities of WiSys by guiding faculty and staff inventors through the commercialization process and helping startups find the resources necessary to thrive. Adhira also manages the WiSys VentureHomeTM program by coordinating central and local initiatives to assist local entrepreneurs and manages the VentureHomeTM seed fund. 


7 years of R&D experience with biomedical devices and neuroscience; 5 years of experience as an entrepreneur working with University based technologies; former Chief Technology Officer of 10 Newtons, Inc. (a UW Madison spin-off); Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering (Washington University in St. Louis).


Phone: 608.422.4485
Email: [email protected]