Other Types of IP Protection

In addition to patents, WiSys also helps inventors protect their discoveries with several other types of Intellectual Property protection.

Copyrights ©

Legal exclusive right granted to the creator of an original work (book, play, movie, painting, computer software, etc.) that protects them from others copying the form and manner in which the original work is expressed.

Trademarks ™ or ®

A sign, design or expression that identifies a company, product or service. It is intended to distinguish goods and services, and prevent consumer confusion about the relationship between one party and another.

Plant Variety Protection and Plant Patents

Grants breeders protection around new varieties of plants.

Design Patents

Legal exclusive right around the ornamental design of a functional item. The design cannot have a practical utility.

Trade Secrets

A formula, practice, process, design, instrument, pattern, commercial method or compilation of information which provides an economic advantage for a group, and is held in secret from other parties and the general public.


Specialized knowledge that is possessed by one or a few people, and has commercial value. It often serves as the basis for consulting agreements.

For a much more in depth understanding of other forms of IP protection, please contact a WiSys staff member.