WiSys Ambassador Program

What is the ambassador program?

The WiSys Ambassador Program aims to enhance the vital connection between WiSys and the research community on Universities of Wisconsin campuses. Engaging students to serve as WiSys Ambassadors brings a new dimension to WiSys' outreach mission and augments our visibility and presence among researchers and students on each of the campuses we serve.

WiSys Ambassadors receive training in Intellectual Property as well as the technology transfer process, and learn how to access resources offered by WiSys and other campus organizations designed to support technology development and entrepreneurial activity.

WiSys launched the pilot program in August 2014 at UW-Parkside and UW-River Falls and the program is currently available at all Universities of Wisconsin campuses (except Madison and Milwaukee).

What do they do?

Ambassadors spend five to 10 hours per month: 

  • Enhancing the understanding and awareness of WiSys' role across the campuses.
  • Increasing engagement with academics and students undertaking innovative research.
  • Helping to identify potential opportunities where WiSys can provide support.

WiSys Ambassadors are involved in organizing seminars, hosting educational workshops, and serving as a valuable resource for their respective departments and campus. See what our ambassadors are up to via our Instagram hashtag #AmbassadorDispatch.

​Want to be a WiSys Ambassador?

Applications are accepted throughout the school year. Check the WiSys Careers Page for the full position description and to apply through the careers portal. Please email Tony Hanson with any questions.