Licensing Your Intellectual Property

Technology licensing and the time it takes to secure a commercial license with an industry partner, varies depending on the nature of the technology. Some technologies are ready for licensing the moment they come in the door as a disclosure, whereas others may need additional development work to increase their industry attractiveness and value proposition.

What are the benefits of having WiSys license your technology?

  • An experienced Licensing Manager will handle all of the difficult negotiations with industry partners.
  • Our legal experts will ensure the agreement conforms to all applicable laws.
  • Our contracts team will manage the agreement as the relationship progresses by tracking deadlines, invoicing and processing payments, and tracking technology development to ensure the commercial partner is doing their part to bring the technology to market.

How does WiSys market your technology?

WiSys uses every avenue available to us to get your technology in front of potential industry partners. Some of these avenues include the WiSys website, technical presentations, conferences and trade shows, and direct marketing. By far, however, the main way our technologies are marketed is through direct personal contacts with potential licensees. Companies are constantly looking to innovate and advance. WiSys technologies give them a direct pathway to make that happen.

How can you help?

Over the years we have learned that having your support and commitment to assisting us in the licensing process is the surest way to succeed in commercial markets. Some of the best ways you can help us are:

  • Letting us know when you are approached by a potential licensee.
  • Helping educate us where needed on your technology.
  • Updating us on competing technologies you find in labs or the market.
  • Identifying specific commercial advantages.
  • Being approachable and available when you can.
  • Be curious and engaged when at conferences or meetings with commercial partners.