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Incubator for Perch Larvae

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WiSys Technology Number: T190047US01
Patent Pending
Stage of Development:

Prototype egg cassettes have been created to facilitate the production of Yellow Perch larvae. Validation efforts are currently under way.


Over-fishing and environmental degradation have severely curtailed the production and consumption of yellow perch meat, yet this fish remains highly regarded and sought after by consumers. Our inventor has been working to overcome several bottlenecks to increased and cost-effective yellow perch production, and as part of this effort has created a new and more effective incubator cassette for hatching their eggs. This technology is expected to enable cost-effective, commercial production of yellow perch.


A University of Wisconsin- Green Bay researcher created a novel perch egg cassette that holds skeins produced by broodfish to encourage significantly improved hatching. Such a cassette is integral to a successful system of producing small fish for commercial grow operations of yellow perch.


  • Commercial production of yellow perch fingerlings


  • Manages confounding aspects of egg skeins
  • Enables much-increased hatchability of yellow perch egg skeins
  • Allows the use of existing, familiar “Heath tray” incubators
UW-Green Bay UW-Green Bay
Ken Webb