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Additive Manufacturing Investment Casting Recipes

WiSys Technology Number: T130023
Patent Filed: February 12, 2015 (PDF)
Patent Pending
Stage of Development:

Prototype developed


Investment casting is a common technique used to produce high-quality cast metal parts. The standard investment casting process typically lasts several days from first pattern dip to molten metal pour. While traditional investment casting techniques are still used, there is a need to reduce manufacturing time disposable materials and associated costs.

Assimilating additive manufacturing into the investment casting industry will improve foundry productivity, order turn-around, and decrease the cost of production.


Researchers at the University of Wisconsin – Whitewater have developed an additive manufacturing recipe for investment casting that can directly produce ready-to-pour ceramic molds and drop in cores for metal casting with temperature tolerances to 3,000 degrees fahrenheit. The innovative process provides many improvements to traditional practices including decreased shell weight and thickness, complex core geometries, and reduced production time.


  • Investment Casting
    • Aerospace
    • Medical and Dentistry
    • Military
    • Oil and Gas


  • Ready to pour ceramic molds without the need for a sacrificial pattern or pattern removal
  • Reduced time of production and fewer fabrication steps
  • Broad temperature tolerance
  • Highly detailed surface finishes
  • Decreased shell weight and thickness
UW-Whitewater UW-Whitewater
Dan McGuire
Art Professor, Whitewater Incubation Program fellow
Eric Hellstrom
Materials Science and Engineering at Florida State University
Charles Olson