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Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts, and Letters reiterates importance of innovation

In a time where the public's opinions of science is so heavily influenced by politics and media, the question arises: "Will science survive in these confusing, challenging times?" When scientific institutions are being silenced and the topic of global warming is being restricted by political parties, it creates challenges for those looking to further integrate science into the daily lives of U.S. citizens. Only about 20% of Americans are considered scientifically literate, and because of that it is up to the scientific leaders in our society to help reiterate the importance of not only scientific information, but the sharing of scientific information.

To do so, UW-Madison’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences senior associate, Bill Barker revisited the importance of the Wisconsin Idea. In order to perpetuate the growth and development of science and research, it is important that we as a society remain curious and inquisitive rather than uninvolved and impartial. Luckily, with so many innovation centers and incubators in Wisconsin, Wisconsinites have the opportunity to do just that - get involved.