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Seed Extracts for Commerical Products

Botanic Innovations (Spooner, WI) is a company specializing in processing fruit seeds to create a line of value added products for use as nutritional supplements and for cosmetic and personal care applications. Its core business is cold pressing seeds to obtain seed oils, which are sold to consumers and other companies. The company is working with the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh to further develop products and applications.

UW-Oshkosh Professor Brant Kedrowski has been working with Botanic Innovations to develop technology, and associated intellectual property, to enable the high-value phytochemical components of seed products to be developed into commercial products.

Professor Kedrowski has been interested in natural products since graduate school, and his curiosity has only grown over time. He explained that carrying out research aimed at generating intellectual property is relatively similar to more traditional academic research where publication is the end goal. Both involve the creation of useful new knowledge, the focus is just a bit different.

He hopes to continue to work with Botanic Innovations and eventually see the work contribute to the launch of a successful new product.