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2018 Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships program award recipients announced at UW-Superior

Seventeen student-mentor teams were recently selected to take part in the Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) program at UW-Superior during Summer 2018. Thanks in part to the UW-Superior Foundation, students will have access to faculty and staff mentors during the undertaking of their respective creative or research projects. 

Recipients of the 2018 Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships include: 

  • Johnathan Erickson with Dr. Brett Jones – Marimba: A Philosophy and Curriculum
  • Sam Hansen with Dr. Shon Schooler - Effect of Recreational Activity for Reduction of Goose Herbivory on Wild Rice in the St. Louis River Estuary
  • Scott Holmes with Dr. Jamie White-Farnham - Liveliness in Language: An Exploration of Blues' Influence on Mainstream English
  • Emma Holst Grimm with Dr. Vanessa Hettinger - Backlash Exposure and its Effects on Self-Perception for Women
  • Jounglag Lim with Dr. Sergei Bezroukov - Vertex Isoperimetric Problems on Graphs
  • Chia-An Lin with Dr. Lorena Rios Mendoza - Microplastics: Environmental Forensics
  • Solene Martin with Dr. Hillary Fezzey - A Cultural Studies Analysis of the Japanese Fairy Tale, The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter Integration in a New Place of Living
  • Xuan Zhu with Dr. Steven Rosenberg - UW-Superior Residence Hall Mail Handling System
  • Hope Boothe with Dr. Heide Ford and Dr. Jenean O'Brien - University of Colorado Cancer Center Collaborative Fellowship

Recipients of the 2018 Developmental and 100 hour projects include:

  • Abby Downs with Dr. Eleni Pinnow - Reducing Stigma Towards Mental Illness in College Age Students
  • Melissa France with Dr. Jamie White-Farnham - Just Plain Crazy: A Study of the Rhetoric of Mental Illness in the U.S. News Outlets
  • Padraic Heberlein with Dr. Sergei Bezroukov - Guitar Tuner Project
  • Iveel Munkhbaatar with Dr. Sakib Mahmud - The Impact of Smart Growth Initiation on Developing Sustainable Agriculture in the State of Wisconsin
  • Rachel Turner with Dr. Lynn Goerdt - Mindfulness and Social Work Practice
  • Opeyemi Omiwale with Dr. Ephraim Nikoi - Intercultural Communication in the Work Place
  • Kalel Yates with Dr. Maria Stalzer Wyant Cuzzo - Exploring the Relationship between Police Socialization and Lethal versus Nonlethal Force Training: Implications for Police Officer Practice

Dr. Jackie Weissenburger, Interim Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs at UW-Superior extends her congratulations to all of the recipients and wishes them all "an exciting summer full of discovery."