WiSys Innovation On-Ramp FAQ

Who should participate?
This event is ideal for:

  • Action-oriented thinkers who want to take ideas or research beyond the classroom.
  • Startup-focused entrepreneurs who want to develop a platform to launch their ideas.
  • Driven high-performers who want to be leaders in their careers.

What types of projects are allowed?
Students in all types of majors (e.g., Business, Social Work, PEA, Philosophy, Engineering, etc.), are challenged to identify a problem and design an innovative solution. Innovations are broadly defined – a product, service, social approach, etc.

Will it be held in-person?
Most of WiSys Innovation On-Ramp will embrace a hybrid approach, combining virtual learning with mixed in-person and virtual sessions. Participants can choose what works best for them. The pitch events, however, will be held in-person.

Is this for main campus students only?
No. Students from all UW-Eau Claire, UW-Green Bay, UW-Platteville, and UW-Stout campuses are invited to participate.

Can graduate students participate?
Yes. Both undergraduate and graduate students can participate.

Can I participate as an individual?

Can I participate with a team?
Yes. In fact, student organizations are encouraged to form teams.

How is this connected to the Wisconsin Big Idea Tournament?
WiSys Innovation On-Ramp is a qualifier for the Wisconsin Big Idea Tournament, sponsored by WiSys. To learn more about the tournament, visit wisys.org/bigidea.

Was this event formerly known as WiSys Innovation in Aging at UW-Green Bay?
Yes. This event replaced WiSys Innovation in Aging at UW-Green Bay in 2021. It was changed to broaden the scope of the event and the types of projects to allow more students to benefit from the experience.