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Brandon Behringer

Brandon Behringer

WiSys Ambassador | UW-Parkside

My name is Brandon Joseph Behringer. I am a junior seeking a major in industrial chemistry and a minor in business. I have experience with thermoelectric devices, electroplating, anodizing and nontoxic liquid metals such as Indium-Gallium-Zinc or similar Gallium-based alloys that are a liquid at room temperature. I look forward to learning about the new revolutionary research and innovation being conducted in Wisconsin. Innovation leads to better jobs. In my eyes, that is the purpose of college. I want to find the innovative minds at UW-Parkside. WiSys gave me the opportunity to realize my invention. I want everyone on the campus to know that we have a great resource that can make dreams become a reality. (Updated 9-4-2019)


Email: [email protected]