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System for container-mounted temporary structures

WiSys is seeking a strategic partner with manufacturing and distribution capabilities, who is interested in providing a path to market for this novel system for container-mounted temporary structures.

WiSys Technology Number: T170009
Patent Filed: January 23, 2017
Patent Pending
Stage of Development:

A novel system has been developed for mounting temporary structures onto standard conex and other shipping containers. The mounting system can fit into a single container, allows for adjustable sizing of structures, and does not require modification to containers or specialist assembly teams. The system is reusable and produces minimal waste. 


Shipping containers are standardized and enjoy widespread use in temporary locations such as construction sites as well as in emergency and disaster relief situations. In these situations, containers offer a convenient and readily available starting-point for temporary structures for equipment storage or housing. However, currently available options for mounting temporary structures onto shipping containers often require irreversible modifications to the containers themselves, or specialist assembly crews to undertake time-consuming and complicated installation. 


UW-Platteville undergraduate students have developed a novel system for mounting temporary structures onto standard conex and other shipping containers. The mounting system can fit into a single container, allows for adjustable sizing of structures, and does not require modification to containers or specialist assembly teams. The system is reusable and produces minimal waste.

Computational data has been generated to optimize the system design, and a U.S. provisional patent application has been filed for this invention. Further development and testing of a commercial prototype is needed to optimize the technology. 


Temporary structures for a range of locations where shipping containers are used:

  • Construction locations
  • Emergency and disaster relief situations


  • Fast, easy and fully reversible assembly, without need for welding or alterations to containers; 
  • Fits any shipping container;
  • Modular design allows for different length and height of structures;
  • Structures are steel-framed for strength and covered with keder fabric panels for lightweight weatherization; 
  • Roofing structures can be installed with or without wall covering, depending on user needs;
  • Can be installed by without need for specialist assembly team, unlike competing solutions.
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Jon Fuller
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Luke Cernak
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James Krych
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