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Engineered Bacterial Strain And Method of Use For One-Pot Vitamin C Synthesis

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WiSys Technology Number: T190021US01
Patent Filed: June 8, 2020
Patent Pending
Stage of Development:

An engineered organism has been created to streamline the production of Vitamin C by bacterial fermentation. Validation efforts are currently under way.

More than 200,000 tons of vitamin C are produced annually, worldwide. Presently, vitamin C is produced in a commercial setting using a two-step microbial fermentation process, and this takes place in two separate spaces at distinct times.  Our inventor has engineered a microbe that allows for a one-pot synthesis, providing the opportunity for a more efficient and less expensive process. The increased efficiency of the production system enabled by this organism should be very attractive to industry and significant users of this critical nutrient and chemical substrate.

A University of Wisconsin- La Crosse professor created a transformed microorganism that combines two synthesis steps into one for the production of Vitamin C. The single, engineered bacterial strain is capable of oxidizing D-sorbitol to 2-ketogulonic acid, thus reducing the commercial fermentation process from a 2-pot to a 1-pot synthesis.


  • Commercial production of Vitamin C (ascorbic acid)


  • Allows on-pot synthesis, reducing equipment needs
  • Limits the biological steps involved, thereby reducing risk
  • May reduce use of energy and solvent inputs
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Paul Schweiger