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Easy to Use Materials Lab Apparatus to Measure Modulus of Elasticity and Yield Stress for STEM Education Classrooms

WiSys is currently seeking strategic partners in the areas of educational products or STEM education that are interested in further developing this apparatus for kit production and ultimately providing a route to market for commercialization.

WiSys Technology Number: T190017
Patent Filed: February 13, 2019
Patent Pending
Stage of Development:

A fully functioning prototype has been developed.  The next steps are to optimize the components for a simple out-of-the-box kit that can be packaged and sold in educational tool catalogs


Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Education is a top priority of educational policy initiatives in the United States. A nation’s competitiveness in the global economy will be driven in large part by their youth’s ability to solve complex problems, gather and evaluate evidence to make decisions, and understand information. A key factor in the effectiveness of STEM programs is the availability of affordable educational tools. 


A professor of physics at the University of Wisconsin-Stout has completed a functioning prototype that is the basis for the existing patent application. This easy to use Materials Lab Educational Apparatus enables easy measurements of geometry and loads for the purpose of experimentally determining the modulus of elasticity (or Young’s Modulus), yield stress, and deflection of a cantilever beam that is loaded transversely. Young’s modulus is a foundational mechanical property that measures the stiffness of a material by defining the relationship between stress and strain. Taught in high school and college physics, engineering, and chemistry courses, this novel device serves as a useful tool to demonstrate these principles.  It could also be used as part of a demonstration during instruction or as a two to three-hour laboratory exercise that utilizes a published model of experiments created alongside the apparatus to aid the educator in teaching the concepts


  • Science and engineering classrooms either at high school or college level
  • Either as part of a demonstration during instruction or as a hands-on laboratory activity


  • Replaces bulky and heavy apparatus that is typically used to measure the modulus of elasticity
  • Designed for easy setup, storage and reuse
  • Apparatus is designed to be used in conjunction with an experimental model that provides details on the theory, graphs, and formulas for quantitative analysis of the material properties.
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