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Antimicrobials Isolated From Cranberry

WiSys Technology Number: T09012US02
Patent Filed: June 14, 2013 (PDF)
Patent Pending
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Methods and target extracts identified


There is a need for an efficient method of processing fruit and seed extracts with antimicrobial properties, for identification of novel anti-microbial compounds. For instance, there are numerous health benefits associated with cranberry consumption, including reports of anti-viral properties, however, the compound(s) associated with those properties have yet to be identified. A highly efficient method of extraction and analysis allows researchers the ability to understand the most active compounds within cranberries in order to select them for further development and commercialization.


Researchers from the University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh have isolated a series of compounds displaying antimicrobial characteristics by utilizing their provisionally patented separation and analysis method. The compounds have shown activity against Vaccinia virus among others. Testing is currently underway to understand the compound potency against human influenza type A (H1N1 and H2N3), human para-influenza (HPIV3), and poliovirus (Sabin Strain, Sero Type 1). The isolated compounds are chemically stable allowing for scale up production and formulate products.


  • Antiviral compounds and formulations for nutraceutical or pharmaceutical use


  • Potential broad spectrum antiviral activity
  • All natural extracts
UW Oshkosh UW Oshkosh
Teri Shors
Professor of Biology and Microbiology
Brant Kedrowski
Associate Professor of Organic Chemistry