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WiSys showcases innovation initiatives of regional universities at Board of Regents committee

WiSys leaders briefed the UW System Board of Regents Research, Economic Development, and Innovation Committee on the collective work of the UW System’s regional universities on June 3.

WiSys Board Chair David J. Ward and WiSys President Arjun Sanga provided an update of 2020-2021 programs and projects, highlighted successful campus initiatives, and provided an outlook for further progress.

The WiSys leaders shared that despite the pandemic, the campus-based network of WiSys regional associates and student ambassadors has continued to expand “in-market” support for faculty and students during the past year.

Additionally, they noted, WiSys has taken on oversight for significant UW System initiatives including the Regent Scholar program, which recognizes faculty for their innovation, entrepreneurship, and business collaboration.

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