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WiSys innovator launches second generation, space-centric product

Photo courtesy of Sheboygan Press 

VibeTech One, a partner of WiSys and a company that originally received funding from NASA to begin their research, launched the second generation of their product last week. Astronaut, Jeff Williams, had the pleasure of visiting Sheboygan earlier this year to test the Wisconsin based product that could help prevent muscle and bone atrophy during prolonged missions in space, and was astounded by the effectiveness of the product.

Jeff Leismer, inventor, shared that VibeTech's recent focus has been set on physical therapy patients who are too weak to exercise or have been out of exercise due to injury or surgery, but his hope is to expand into sports medicine with the rapid technical advancements being made in each generation of the product. That said, Leismer's ultimate goal is to land a future generation of VibeTech on the International Space Station and will continue to develop the product until that aspiration becomes a reality. 

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