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WiSys awards “Innovative Thinking” badge to 52 students for participating in 2022 WiSys Innovation On-Ramp learning experience

WiSys awarded 52 UW System students with an “Innovative Thinking” credential for completing a five-week learning experience in the 2022 fall semester.

The learning experience, called WiSys Innovation On-Ramp, was developed in collaboration with UW-Green Bay in Spring 2022. The program was expanded to UW-Platteville in Fall 2022. The course trained UW-Green Bay and UW-Platteville students to advance their ideas—regardless of their field or goal. It stressed mentorship, networking and building an innovation skill set.

In order to receive this badge, the students completed coursework covering the following topics:

  • Identifying a Problem
  • Developing an Innovative Solution
  • Gathering mentor feedback
  • Defining Your Market
  • Practicing Your Pitch

The recipients also attended at least one interactive session to discuss and engage with one of the course topics. The credential, which may be added to resumes and LinkedIn profiles, was awarded to 47 UW-Green Bay students and five UW-Platteville students. Overall, more than 300 students participated in portions of the WiSys Innovation On-Ramp learning experience this year.

For many of the students the learning experience prepares them to pitch their ideas in WiSys competitions. The UW-Platteville students were encouraged to participate in the WiSys Prototype Hackathon held at UW-Platteville in November. The UW-Green Bay students are being encouraged to participate in the WiSys Innovation On-Ramp Pitch Event on Feb. 15 at 4 p.m. in Forward Hall. 

WiSys expects to expand the program to other UW System campuses next year. If you are Interested in bringing the program to your university, contact WiSys Events Coordinator Evelyn Olson at [email protected].


The UW-Green Bay students who received the badge were:

  • Adita Acosta
  • Hallie Allen
  • Kaitlin Beck
  • Nathan Beerntsen
  • Grace Beyer
  • Billie Burdick
  • Jasmine Boettcher
  • Brea Bostedt
  • Cameron Cichocki
  • Winston Cleveland
  • Zach Criter
  • Kylie Cwikla
  • Kassi Dobbins
  • Evan Dorner
  • Emily Einerson
  • Franki Formas
  • Abbey Francis
  • Ellie Frisch
  • Mason Gates
  • Noelle Haenggi
  • Benjamin Holtz
  • Kiera Kahl
  • Anna Lee
  • Nit Lee
  • Aaron Lembke
  • Vienna Lindemann
  • Aidan Markwardt
  • Kim Meltz
  • Trent Meyer
  • Olivia Mott
  • Hunter Nau
  • Ashleigh Olson
  • Savannah Otto
  • Evan Peterson
  • Bo Peterson
  • Aubrey Pinkerton
  • Jaden Prado
  • Brianna Rogers
  • Lyndsay Sass
  • Jon Schinke
  • Jennifer Shove
  • Yvette Taylor
  • Ben Thomas
  • John Uhl
  • Cameron White
  • Erik Williams
  • Abi Wise

The UW-Platteville students who received the badge were:

  • Shelbi Endres
  • Andrew Guzik
  • Anthony Jerabek
  • Wyatt Johnson
  • Zackery Watters

WiSys is a nonprofit organization that works with faculty, staff, students and alumni of the UW System to facilitate cutting-edge research programs, develop and commercialize discoveries and foster a spirit of innovative and entrepreneurial thinking across the state.