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UW-Stout students bring touch-sense awareness to those who have none

Photo courtesy of The Dunn County News

For those struggling with hypoesthesia, a condition that involves loss of sensation, the inability to sense temperatures among other sensations can cause immense damage. As a result of the friendship between computer engineer major, Jack Steffel, and a friend who was diagnosed with hypoesthesia, a team of UW-Stout students utilized skills that they attained in an engineering technology class to create a glove that can help bring temperature awareness to those who lack it. The glove features a temperature sensor, an audible alarm and a readout with a temperature reading that turns red when a liquid could burn someone or turns blue when it is too cold.

Other team members who helped create the glove included Ethan Foss (engineering major), Jake Thomas (mechanical engineering major), and Craig Wyss (computer engineering major). The project was displayed as part of Research Day and the STEMM Student Expo in May at the Memorial Student Center.

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