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UW-La Crosse students engage in hands-on community research

Photo courtesy of the La Crosse Tribune 

During the spring semester, Nadia Carmosini, assistant professor of chemistry at UW-La Crosse,  pushed her students to pursue the scientific process by establishing research questions and seeing their individual projects through to completion. The Chemistry Department at UW-La Crosse recognizes the importance of producing graduates who obtain the ability to think critically and work in group settings, which they reiterated in their hands-on, community-based student research projects. One student of Carmosini’s who graduated in May expressed that there is a gap between the public and the scientific community which he hopes to bridge through the skills he obtained in working with his chemistry professor.

By encouraging students to execute their research questions thoroughly, students conveyed that the course truly gave them the tools to understand the gravity of their work and the ways in which it actively connects to the real world.  

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