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Nursing Diagnosis Application

After receiving feedback from nursing students through NANDA-I, UW-Green Bay nursing professor Susan Gallagher-Lepak and NANDA International CEO Heather Herdman began thinking about easier ways to both use the NANDA-I book and helping students in learning the taxonomy of nursing diagnoses in general. Specifically, they wanted to respond to questions about electronic and online resources.

Gallagher-Lepak has a strong background in e-learning and learning innovations, and she connected with Heather Herdman, an international expert in nursing diagnosis. By combining their respective skills and knowledge, the two were able to utilize student feedback and create an e-application to address growing demand for electronic resources in the field.

The result of their work is an app named NurScope™. The app is easy to use, provides e-guidance for more accuracy than a manual diagnosis, and offers a way to capture diagnostic indicators and nursing diagnoses with a simple summary screen. NurScope™ allows users to explore nursing diagnoses via three different pathways— domain, diagnostic focus, and nursing diagnosis label. A fourth pathway (by assessment) is also being developed.

Some of the NurScope™ features include:

  • Checkmark diagnostic indicators from the complete array of NANDA-I nursing diagnoses
  • Guidance on differential and co-occurring nursing diagnoses
  • Summary screen of selected diagnostic indicators and nursing diagnoses
  • Multimedia content to support decision-making
  • Option to e-mail the nursing diagnosis summary to professor or self

Gallagher-Lepak explains that throughout the process of research and commercialization, there are many small, but essential, steps, and each step requires differing skill sets. She stresses the importance of having resources available for each stage of the process, and credits her working team, WiSys, NANDA-I, and UW-Green Bay for providing these resources during the development of the application.

Moving forward, both Gallagher-Lepak and Herdman want to perform further research and continue developing the NurScope tool. Herdman is interested in development of the app as potential guidance of differential and co-occurring nursing diagnoses, while Gallagher-Lepak has plans to focus on student learning of nursing diagnoses using the NurScope™. Both want to move the app into other languages as well given that nursing diagnosis is used internationally.