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International UW-Stout partnership leads to $500,000 in donated machinery

This spring, three companies installed new electric injection molding machines in UW-Stout's Jarvis Hall Technology Lab. UW-Stout is readily recognized throughout the Midwest for their superior work in plastic engineering. Luckily, their presence in the plastic engineering world has paid off. Thanks to Arburg of Germany, Engel of Austria, and Milacron in Ohio, UW-Stout has received $500,000 worth of new engineering machinery that is to be used by UW-Stout students in hopes of perpetuating the cycle of highly skilled, respected, and ready to work graduates. UW-Stout has a remarkable reputation in the field of plastics engineering and can proudly report that 100% of the graduates from this specific program have found employment within a year. Seeing as most consumer products contain some form of injection molded parts, adept workers are in constant demand, and UW-Stout is doing its best to ensure that they are providing all of their students with the means to succeed. 

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