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15th annual Women’s Business Conference brings empowerment to women across the state

At the 15th annual Women's Business Conference in Eau Claire, women from all over the state gathered to encourage, inspire, and empower fellow female entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial hopefuls alike. With the event came the opportunity participate in any of the 20 breakout sessions with 55 different speakers, including Eau Claire’s Kristen Dexter and Michelle Thiede, the owners of the Madison-based restaurant Forage, among other successful entrepreneurs. Throughout the sessions, women shared storied about their respective experiences with communal work spaces locally and state wide. Presenter's speeches served as a vehicle to help listeners understand what their businesses truly are and what they can offer to the community. Overall, the conference was full of opportunities for women to gain encouragement, build a network of people who can help them succeed, and to draw on each others ideas and entrepreneurial energy.

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