A Vision for Wisconsin’s Next Century

  • Inspired by the public-private collaboration that made Wisconsin “The Dairy State” and the United Nations Millennium Development Goals.
  • Aimed at facilitating multi-campus initiatives to respond to Wisconsin’s most significant challenges between now and the 2048 bicentennial year. 

Four Thematic Areas

Based on feedback from an initial group of thought leaders, we have narrowed our focus to four thematic areas, which will be further refined into 5-8 specific and measurable innovation challenges: 

  • Sustainability and Natural Resources 
  • Demographic Shifts and Inequality 
  • Industrial Transformation and Economic Development
  • Education and Workforce Development

Current Stage: Topical Focus Groups

We are currently recruiting experts with diverse, cross-industry perspectives to take part in a series of focus groups that will help us identify current challenges, prior approaches, new solutions, and potential partnerships.