STEM Under the Stars

Don't Miss Your Chance to Look Through the World's Largest Refracting Telescope at the Moon, Planets, Galaxies, the Milky Way, Nebulae, Star Clusters and More at Yerkes Observatory!

Monday, July 30

From season to season the evening sky changes slowly and reveals many different celestial wonders visible with, and without, optical aid.

This year during a special WSTS session, Yerkes Observatory will offer a private tour and observing sessions* with a 40-inch diameter refractor telescope—the largest lens telescope in the world—and a 24-inch diameter reflector telescope. Both telescopes were formerly used for astronomical research and are now available for public observing opportunities, but will close to the public later this year. For most participants either one will likely be the largest telescope they will have access to for viewing the night sky in detail.

The program costs are usually $100 per person for the 40-inch refractor program and $37.50 per person for the 24-inch reflector program, but WSTS attendees get both at an 80% discounted rate! Sign up below for this one-time opportunity!

You must be registered for WSTS 2018 to attend the STEM Under the Stars optional event. If you have not yet registered for WSTS 2018, you can do so here.

*The tour will occur regardless of weather, however, telescope viewing is subject to cancellation due to inclement weather.