Innovation Showcase

Building on the success of last year's competition, this year WSTS will once again feature an Innovation Showcase dedicated to displaying many creative and impactful student projects from diverse disciplines across the UW System.

What can I present?

This special session is meant to showcase innovative, hands-on projects in any academic discipline. Students are invited to display their projects among their statewide colleagues in parallel with the Poster Symposium. Just as innovation can take on many forms, students' final, tangible products may be very diverse. Presenters are welcome to demonstrate their project using any of the following formats:

  • Prototype
  • Computer Display
  • Application Storyboard

This list is not exhaustive. Please list any special space requirements on your project submission. WiSys can provide tables and power sources, but student teams will be responsible for providing their own computers, screens and displays.

The deadline for submissions is July 8, 2019. Register now for the opportunity to showcase your creative project to faculty, administrators, community members and fellow students from across the UW System.

How to submit a project

  1. Register for WSTS
  2. On the registration form, indicate you would like to participate in the Innovation Showcase and upload a 1/2 page abstract briefly explaining your project
    • Please include the names of everyone who worked on the project, as well as your faculty mentor, in your registration. Each student who would like to present or attend WSTS should fill out a separate registration form, but only one student from each team should submit an Innovation Showcase project.
  3. Bring all physical aspects necessary to demonstrate your project with you to WSTS the morning of July 22, 2019.

Tips for presenting your project

  1. Bring your complete project with you to WSTS the morning of July 22, 2019. WiSys will provide tables and power outlets, but students are responsible for bringing anything else they will need to present their project.
  2. Poster and Innovation Showcase presenters can arrive at 7:30am for poster and showcase set up. Presenters may set up throughout the day if it is before the 3:00 pm poster and innovation session. Please ask one of the WiSys team members (wearing a green “staff” ribbon) if you need assistance. Please leave your project set up for the entirety of the conference, if possible.
  3. Read the Innovation Showcase judging rubric. Student presenters will be eligible for one of two cash prizes, as well as the Robert R. Wise award for the project demonstrating the most commercial relevance.

​Cash Prizes

First Place: $250
Second Place: $150
Third Place: $100