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Jeshanah Zolkowski

Jeshanah Zolkowski

WiSys Ambassador | UW Oshkosh

My name is Jeshanah, and I graduated in 2018 from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh with a BS in chemistry and a BS in mathematics. During my sophomore and junior years, I worked on a NASA-sponsored research project that monitored landfill emissions. I also created hands-on activities for an introductory chemistry class as part of an independent study course. My current research uses mathematics to study the action of my favorite enzyme, topoisomerase. Over the summer, I will be educating the public about invasive species as a Clean Boats Clean Waters Intern. Since I am a multi-interested lifelong learner, I am not sure where my life will take me, but I'm sure that it will involve teaching, science, and mathematics!  Serving as a WiSys ambassador allowed me to meet some really incredible people and spread the word about research and creative activity on campus!   


Major/Department: Chemistry with a biomolecular emphasis and Mathematics


Email: [email protected]