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Jeremiah Xiong

Jeremiah Xiong

WiSys Ambassador | UW-Green Bay

My name is Jeremiah Xiong. I am a Sophomore in college, however, by the end of the Fall 2018 Semester, I will be considered a Junior because of the amount of credits I will have. Right now, I plan on Majoring in English with an emphasis on Creative Writing and Minoring in History with an emphasis on American History. Since entering college, I have not done a lot of big research’s, however, I did participate in a Twitter Reenactment of an Historical event covering the Green Bay, Wisconsin; the Great Fire of 1880. As an ambassador of WiSys, I am looking forward to learning the process of entrepreneurship and as well as meeting with others such as the Deans, staffs and students of the University.


Major/Department: English, Minor in History


Email: [email protected]