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Fully-Customizable Beverage Mixing

WiSys is seeking a strategic industry partner for further development, manufacturing, sales, and distribution of this technology, which allows the user to customize the relative proportions of liquids in a mixed beverage.

WiSys Technology Number: T170027
Patent Pending
Stage of Development:

The technology has been prototyped and tested for mixing different proportions of liquids. Further development will optimize cup size and wall thickness, as well as determine the best materials for use in the connecting chamber and valve system. 


The overall beverage market size in the United States was over $350 billion in 2014. Often, part of the enjoyment derived from consuming beverages results from creating one’s own mixed combinations of drinks, particularly at social gatherings. Several solutions, such as pre-packaged mixes and special containers, work to accommodate those who want to create their own unique recipes. However, the flexibility with these strategies can be limiting. A device that allows for flexible beverage mixing at the point of beverage consumption would help users to identify the ideal proportions to best suit their own preferences. This type of device would also be appealing to individual consumers who want to create their own mixes of beverages like smoothies or slushies, and it would support the soft drink market that is valued at over $208 billion globally and over $80 billion in the U.S.


A University of Wisconsin-Stout inventor has developed a technology that allows users to custom mix their own beverages. One part of the technology is a multi-chambered cup that separates individual liquid components. Straws that draw from each chamber are connected to a device that combines the liquids into one single straw from which the user drinks. The straw-connecting device consists of a unique chamber and valve system that can be adjusted by the user to control how much of each liquid component is allowed into the final common straw. This system allows a user to fully customize the final mixture to his or her preferences. With Americans using 500 million drinking straws per day, contributing to an overall food service disposables market of $18 billion, this new technology would have widespread appeal. 

Applications and Benefits

  • Custom mixing of beverages at point of consumption
  • All beverage types
  • Allows full customization of the relative proportions of the liquid components of the beverage, rather than a 50/50% or 100/0% mixture

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Mason Beissel