WiSys Technologies

Building Framing System with Innovative Snap-in Track for Residential and Commercial Construction

WiSys Technology Foundation is seeking a strategic partner interested in manufacturing and distributing a new wall framing technology that allows interior non-load-bearing walls to be assembled in a fast and easy way, and that has applications in the drywall framing space of the construction and home improvement markets.

WiSys Technology Number: T160038US01
Patent Filed: September 28, 2016
Patent Pending
Stage of Development:

A working prototype has been developed. Further development and testing of a commercial prototype is needed to optimize the technology and generate a market-ready system.


Remodeling projects, whether residential or commercial, can be complex and often require significant investment. As such and according to the Home Improvement Research Institute, there is an attractive market for innovative interior remodeling solutions, which can be carried out by homeowners as well as by commercial contractors that provide efficiencies from both a time and project cost perspective. For instance, one particular aspect of remodeling that could benefit from an improved solution includes the construction of interior non-load-bearing walls which can be time-consuming and difficult. Studs need to be cut to exact length and secured in place with fasteners, which are laborious to reverse if adjustments are needed. In addition, current commercially available wall-framing systems are often made of flammable materials, or require mounting onto walls, which can be problematic in basements with uneven walls. Development of an innovative solution that provides for a fast, safe and easy means of assembling non-load bearing walls would clearly benefit both the commercial construction and residential home improvement markets.


An inventor who is an alumnus of UW-Fond du Lac has developed a building framing system for fast and easy construction of interior non-load-bearing walls. The unique design of the system allows a series of studs to be temporarily secured without fasteners, until sheetrock or other face material can be applied. The system does not need to be secured against sidewalls, and can accommodate both wood and metal studs, which can easily be removed and adjusted as needed. The system is flexible and can secure studs that vary in length by up to ½”. This technology offers a user-friendly tool for experienced construction professionals or for home improvement projects such as do-it-yourself basement finishing.


  • Residential and commercial construction
  • Non-load-bearing wall construction


  • Increase speed and ease of installation
    • Fast and easy construction of interior non-load-bearing walls – reduces installation time by 50% compared to traditional methods
    • Novel design eliminates the need for fasteners
  • Constructed with fire-resistant materials, unlike other wood- or foam-based wall-framing systems
  • Universal utility - The system works with both wood and metal studs of varying length
    • System does not require mounting to straight walls, as competing products do
T160038 NSD
Michael McKee
UW-Fond du Lac alumnus