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WiSys innovator and UW-Eau Claire associate professor receives grants totaling $217,330

Elizabeth Glogowski, a WiSys innovator and associate professor at UW-Eau Claire is known for her commitment to involving undergraduate students in her research, and with help from the National Science Foundation, Glogowski has the opportunity to extend full-time, paid summer job offers to four of her students. With grants totaling $217,330, Glogowski will be conducting important research in the areas of pharmaceuticals and water quality. Although some concepts in the project, “Solution and Thin Film Properties of Dually Stimuli-Responsive Molecular Brush Block Copolymers,” may not make sense to those outside of the scientific circle, the findings have the potential to positively impact everyone involved. The grants will extend over a three-year period and the research itself has already been in the works for the past seven, which will help to ensure that the project will be thoroughly expanded upon by the time of its completion. 

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