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When NASA searches for student researcher, UW-Platteville student rises to the occasion

Photo courtesy of UW-Platteville

This past summer UW-Platteville student Stuart Oliphant was invited to partake in a research organization in Milwaukee funded by NASA. Oliphant was accepted as a 2016-17 Elijah Balloon Payload Team Fellowship award recipient and as a requisite worked on the Elijah Balloon Payload and gave a presentation at the 27th annual Wisconsin Space Conference in La Crosse, Wisconsin. 

Along side his team, Oliphant executed a study on the upper atmosphere of the earth with high-altitude weather balloons and later presented their findings at the Space Conference. While Oliphant prefers the hometown feel of Platteville over the big city feel of Milwaukee, his time working with various groups throughout the summer challenged him and helped him to further prepare for work in the future. 

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