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UW-Waukesha student develops software in dire times

A Pakistani student from UW-Waukesha, Ahsen Masood, is a self-taught software developer who began his venture at age 13. Although it was merely a hobby at the time, when dengue fever struck his native country of Pakistan, Masood recognized that his software developing abilities could help minimize fatalities in surrounding communities. Blood donation demands were at an all time high, as blood transfusions were necessary for survival, so Masood took it upon himself to develop a software that allowed for communication between donors and recipients. 

Using artificial intelligence, Masood created a text messaging program, Savelife Connect, that could match two compatible individuals. Although the program briefly crashed due to small flaws, Masood quickly reworked the program, making it readily accessible to those in need. UW-Waukesha is honored to have such a brilliant student at their university, and they hope to continue to support and promote his work in software development during his time in school. 

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