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UW Systems receive $2.3 million grant for struggling math students

This year the University of Wisconsin System received a $2.3 million grant intended to serve students struggling with mathematics, and in turn, to stay on track to graduate. The UW System's Math Initiative is designed to help curtail the number of students who are placed in remedial math courses and thus, earning no credits for their college courses. With this grant, the hope is to help increase the number of faculty and staff involved in the Math Initiative and to expand the number of major-specific courses available to students facing difficulties in math. 

Ideally, this would lead to more students staying in school beyond their first year and staying on track for graduation through the increased number of tutors available to those participating in the program. Additionally, the grant will hopefully help to decrease the education disparity between black and white, affluent and low-income, and first-generation and multi-generation students. Overall, those involved are eager to begin implementing and reaping the benefits of the expanded Math Initiative. 

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