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UW-River Falls hosts WiSys Board meeting and luncheon

The WiSys Technology Foundation Board of Trustees and Advisory Committee met at UW-River Falls in October for their fall on-campus meeting and a luncheon to celebrate the significant and outstanding innovation, research and scholarly activity at the university. Board members and advisors-among them CEOs, Regents and UW administrators-had the opportunity to meet student and faculty innovators at UWRF, as well as learn about their research through short presentations and displays.

Presentations during lunch showed the breadth of fascinating work being done at UW-River Falls, from WiSys student Innovator Shanna Burris' new technology aimed at helping paraplegic equestrians saddle their own horses, to Miranda Martin's "Quick Look" at the complex process behind rearing queen honey bees and professor Tim Lyden's work in artificial tissues. Students Nick Kulacz and Nick Jensen, who work with professor Jim Madsen on the IceCube Project, also presented a scale model to demonstrate how the one cubic kilometer neutrino detector searches for high-energy particles like Dark Matter at the South Pole.

Special guests at the luncheon included State Senator Sheila Harsdorf, Regent Tim Higgins, Regent Lisa Erickson- who is also a nontraditional student at UWRF- and UW Oshkosh Chancellor Andrew Leavitt, who serves on the WiSys Advisory Committee. WiSys Board Chair David J. Ward and Executive Director Arjun Sanga also presented a certificate of thanks to Regent Higgins, who recently completed a two-year term on the WiSys Advisory Committee.

Complete list of Presenters:
  • Shanna Burris: "Raising the Independence of Para-Equestrians"
  • Alison Miotke: "What's the Deal with Greenwalls?"
  • Hailey Kuester: "The Effects of Supplemental Oxygen on the Passive Transfer of Holstein-Jersey Cross Dairy Calves"
  • Miranda Martin: "Rearing Queen Honey Bees: A Quick Look at a Complicated Process"
  • Dr. Cheng-chen Huang: "Drug Discovery"
  • Dr. Tim Lyden: "Developing 'Disruptive' Artificial Tissue Technologies: Bio-physiologic 3D Culture for Pharmaceutical, Discovery Science and Clinical Applications"
Posters and Displays:
  • Mikayla Mack: "Living Greenwalls: Substrate Feedback in a Model Plant"
  • Alex Spaulding: "Evaluation of Background and Non-point Source Pollution of Phosphorus in the Kinnickinnic River Watershed"
  • Elena Krogman, faculty mentor Cheng-chen Huang: "Heart Failure Attenuation by Compounds from Trapa natan"
  • Hanna Theuson, faculty mentor Tim Lyden: "Use of a New 3D Matrix Material, Cell-Mate™, to Generate Complex and Functional Normal or Cancerous Artificial Tissues"
  • Nick Kulacz and Nick Jensen, faculty mentor Jim Madsen: IceCube Project