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UW-Platteville students make astonishing advancements with help from WiSys funding

As one of the six UW-Platteville research teams chosen to present at the Research in the Rotunda, Adam Heuermann, Jacob Sina, Brandon Wisinski, Nicholas Hemenway and Dr. Gokul Gopalakrishnan have been refining their research on silicon nanomembranes. The research has taken place over numerous months with the help of multiple grants awarded to the group by WiSys, and after partnering with WiSys over that time, Gopalakrishnan is currently working with WiSys on patent disclosures for the research. 

The nanomembranes that the group has been developing are malleable sheets that are one thousand times thinner than a human hair and are extremely strong and sturdy. Such developments can be used for a wide variety of things, including devices like microscopic pressure sensors to improve GPS in smartphones or sensors that can be implanted into blood vessels for rapid detection of life-threatening blood pressure changes. 

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