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UW-Platteville professor receives research grant at request of NASA

Dr. Hamilton of UW-Platteville

Dr. James Hamilton, WiSys Innovator and professor of chemistry at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville, has received support from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Last winter, Hamilton was contacted by a NASA representative requesting that he submit a proposal to the Small Business Innovation Research program to continue to develop his creation of a First Contact Polymer, a peelable coating that protects and cleans large optical surfaces such as those on giant telescopes and satellites.  NASA approached Hamilton following his October presentation of his research at NASA's jet propulsion lab.

The grant of $125,000 is to be used to develop Dr. Hamilton's polymer system specifically for the needs of NASA's Starshade Telescope Project to be launched in 2020. The starshade is a large flower shaped structure that will fly ahead of a telescope and block out light from certain stars so that the telescope may take better images of targeted exo-planets.  Hamilton's new polymer technology will be used to clean particulates off of the structure to prevent glare and scatter that would interfere with visibility and contrast.

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