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UW-Parkside student flies through 3D printing

Photo courtesy of The Journal Times

Salina Servantez, a computer science major at UW-Parkside, took on the ambitious task of 3D printing a drone for one of her courses last fall. Prior to her computer science classes, Servantez had already built her own 3D printer which was an impressive feat in and of itself. Not only did Servantez go above and beyond the student's typical project of printing a box, but she was the very first in the class at UW-Parkside to create a drone. 

Although Servantez eventually found success, the creation process was taxing. She shared that after creating a prototype and her final product, her drone crashed upon its first flight, forcing her to reconstruct the drone entirely. In spite of the obstacles she faced, Servantez's persistence paid off, stunning her professor and amazing herself in the process. 

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