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UW Oshkosh professor rocks the geology world with new discoveries

Photo courtesy of UW Oshkosh Today

Recently, UW Oshkosh professor Timothy Paulsen had his research published in the esteemed scientific journal, Nature Geoscience. Paulsen's published work focused on a research expedition he led with a group of researchers from Michigan Technological University and ETH Zurich. The research produced monumental information regarding the recycling of carbon from Earth’s deep interior to its surface through volcanic activity.

Paulsen's research has opened up a better understanding to how years of solid-Earth processes have influenced the changes in the Earth's climate in recent years. Ultimately, the UW Oshkosh geology professor has rocked the boat in terms of exposing critical new understandings of the Earth's history and the impacts that history is having on our climate today, and he has the peer-reviewed piece to prove it.

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