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UW Oshkosh organization brings minority entrepreneurs and inspiration to campus

The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization (C.E.O) is a network of students from UW Oshkosh who share the passion for business and entrepreneurship. In hopes of bringing more awareness to the opportunities that arise from entrepreneurship, C.E.O. reached out to minority entrepreneurs, four of which will be speaking at the UW Oshkosh campus this spring. Approximately 29% of small business owners come from a minority group, and C.E.O.'s aim is to inspire minority students who are considering careers in entrepreneurship. 

The presentations will shed light on adversities faced by the small business owners as well as the success they've experienced. The organization president and hopeful entrepreneur, Brett Bartholomew, is optimistic that the speakers will help to engage potential entrepreneurs and create a richly diverse network between students and business owners. 

Find out more about the upcoming events here.