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UW-La Crosse researcher aims to close research gap on women's dietary supplements

UW-La Crosse researcher Andrew Jagim, together with Dr. Jake Erickson of Mayo Clinic, is aiming to address the vast difference between the amounts of research on women's dietary supplements compared to research on men's supplements. While an enormous amount of research has been done on the use of dietary supplements by men, little research exists on the use by active women.

In a quest to close that gap, Jagim, who is an assistant professor of exercise and sport science at UW-L, studied 15 recreationally active female students at UW-L in a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled test of MusclePharm's MissFit brand supplements. 

MissFit is advertised as being able to increase and retain energy, improve focus, maintain calorie boothing, and help ease post-workout recovery. Jagim's and Erickson's research, which was funded by the International Society of Sports Nutrition and MusclePharm, showed that the product generally fulfilled on those promises.

The two stressed, however, that supplements are unnecessary in the presence of a balanced nutritional diet that meets protein needs with fruits and vegetables. They also cautioned supplement use among women with blood pressure abnormalities and known heart conditions, and recommended always consulting a health care provider before beginning use of any dietary supplements.

Jagim and Dr. Erickson, an osteopathic physician at Mayo, presented their research at a meeting of the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine.

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