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The ripple effect of research: UW Oshkosh grad student makes strides in E. coli detection

Photo courtesy of UW Oshkosh Today

UW Oshkosh grad student, Roland Hernandez, has been utilizing his time in Door County to research E. coli levels in the waters of Green Bay and the rest of Lake Michigan. Hernandez's devotion to microbiology has never wavered, and his dedication has led to experimentation with new methods of research. In researching E. coli levels, he has made a point to improve the speed at which detection becomes clear; the Colilert method that is currently being used takes upward of 24 hours to detect dangerous levels of E. coli, and Hernandez is experimenting with various methods to speed up the process. 

Ultimately, Hernandez's research has the potential to open up the flood gates to new methods of detection for water sampling everywhere.

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