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Research collaboration goes north as teachers head south

Photo courtesy of Kate Miller 

With the help of a partnership between the IceCube Collaboration and PolarTREC, six teachers have had the opportunity to partake in research projects in the South Pole. In order to prepare for the endeavor, the participants spent a week in Alaska as well as two weeks at UW-River Falls working with previous IceCube and PolarTREC teachers. Together, the colleagues formulated a two week science enrichment course for UWRV Upward Bound (UB), integrating their Polar studies into the program as a way to bring cutting edge science into the classroom. 

The UB allows for teachers to implement difficult concepts, such as astrophysics, into the students' studies in a more gradual, hands-on, and familiar way. Overall, both the students participating in the program and the teachers participating in research gain monumental benefits from the collaboration, allowing for a more expansive understanding of Polar sciences. 

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