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Pushing buttons and pushing the envelope: UW-Stout students explore the possibility of building a pup-up arcade

Photo courtesy of The Dunn County News

An interdisciplinary group of engineering technology, mechanical design, mechanical engineering and retail students from UW-Stout were put up to the challenge of creating a pop-up arcade by their professors. Marilyn Fanetti of Menomonie pushed the students' to their creative limits by asking them to design a pop-up arcade store that could be built for under $50,000 and could potentially hold up to 20 games. This demanded exponential amounts of communication, teamwork, imagination, and intelligence from the group. 

The project forced students to step outside of their comfort zones by placing them in a scenario similar to one they would face when working in the real world. Scott Springer, a professor in the engineering and technology department, made it a goal to help the group transition from students to professionals through the project. The students found that the cross-discipline work did just that, providing with a new-found skill set that can easily be integrated into the working world. 

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