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Low stress and cost of living set foundation for rural entrepreneurial success

While it may seem counter-intuitive, economic development specialist Tessa Conroy suggested that entrepreneurship flourishes more in rural areas than in metropolitan areas of Wisconsin. With fields such as agriculture and manufacturing posing a constant demand for more work and production, rural Wisconsin is the perfect setting for homegrown companies to establish their roots. One such company is Organic Valley, a farmer-owned cooperative in southwestern Wisconsin with more than 900 employees; Organic Valley started during the farming crisis of the 1980's and has grown to become a $1 billion company. 

Many of the rural businesses attribute one component of their success to lack less stress and the cheaper cost of living that you wouldn't have access to in urban areas. One individual who took advantage of such an environment includes Larry Klenc, the general manager of the internationally acknowledged McPherson Guitars. In a time where young individuals are encouraged to get an education and start their careers out of state, Wisconsin must establish itself as an attractive, economically beneficial place to live, and the development of rural businesses has the potential to provide just that to those considering moving out of state. 

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