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Construction of $55 million Sesquicentennial Hall opens up engineering opportunities for UW-Platteville

Photo courtesy of UW-Platteville

Recently, a biennium budget was signed by Governor Scott Walker, which will fund both the building of a new $55 million engineering hall and the $23.7 million renovation of a standing STEM facility at UW-Platteville. With the addition of what will soon be Sesquicentennial Hall, UW-Platteville is projected to provide an additional 800 seats in the engineering program as well as 200 transfer student seats; correspondingly, the renovation of Boebel Hall will open up opportunities to an additional 300 biology majors. 

UW-Platteville's Chancellor, Dennis J. Shields, is well aware of the growing need for both engineers and biologists in the state's workforce and is sincerely looking forward to helping facilitate the growth and demand for those specializations. 

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